In Search of Blind Joe Death

The Saga of John Fahey



  • Directed & Written By 

James Cullingham

  • Producers

James Cullingham
Monica Szenteszky
Tina Witham

  • Supervising Editor

Caroline Christie

  • Director of Photography 

Igal Hecht

  • Editors

Caroline Christie
Jessica Anne Cullingham

  • Executive Producers

James Cullingham
JoAnn McCaig
Doug Whyte

  • Animators

Bianca De Guzman
Alice Ho
Min Zhou
Under the supervision of  

Professors Ben McEvoy
Barnabas Wornoff

  • Produced by 

Tamarack Productions, Toronto
with the Creative participation of the 

School of Creative Arts & Animation, 

Seneca College, Toronto

  • Produced with the participation of

Oregon Public Television (OPB)

  • Produced in association with

Blue Ant Media

  • Produced with the support of

The John Fahey Trust

  • Distribution

First Run Features
Tamarack Productions

  • For theatrical screenings USA:

Paul Marchant

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266 Bain Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 1G3


Photography courtesy of The John Fahey Trust, Jessica Anne Cullingham, Igal Hecht, Stefan Grossman, Paul Kelly, Marc Minsker & Doug Whyte. Produced with the support and cooperation of The John Fahey Trust. Still photography courtesy of The John Fahey Trust, Stefan Grossman, Paul Kelly and Marc Minsker.